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Bumble panel debate on cyberflashing with actor Emily Atack

Bumble cyberflashing panel
L to R: Kenya Fairley, Emily Atack, Clare McGlynn, Sophie Gallagher

As part of dating app Bumble’s campaign to criminalise cyberflashing, Inbetweener’s actor and entertainer Emily Atack led a panel discussion sharing her experience of relentless online abuse. Professor McGlynn participated in the event, sharing her research and expertise on how the law needs reform, alongside journalist Sophie Gallagher and Bumble’s Kenya Fairley, Head of Safety Support.

Bumble Cyberflashing Panel

Kenya Fairley - Head of Safety Support, Bumble

Emily Atack - Actor, comedian and TV presenter

Clare McGlynn - Professor of Law, Durham University

Sophie Gallagher - Journalist & Author

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