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Debating Criminal law and Feminism on BBC Radio

In debates on the abolition of prisons and defunding the police following #BlackLivesMatter, where does this leave women survivors of sexual violence who seek redress through the criminal justice system?

I was pleased to debate these issues as part of the long-running BBC radio programme #ThinkingAllowed which showcases the latest social science research making the headlines. I discussed my work which sees a role for both the criminal justice system and alternative justice options such as restorative justice, together with Professor Tommie Selbie from Harvard University discussing his book The Idea if Prison Abolition.

The discussion was based on my research article ‘Challenging Anti-Carceral Feminism: criminalisation, justice and continuum thinking’ where I call for a nuanced approach to criminalisation and the criminal justice system, recognising a role for criminal justice and alternatives such as restorative justice. This is an approach which listens to the voices of all survivors, including those seeking criminal justice redress, and is also alive to the challenges and risks of all justice approaches, whether state or community based.

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